Sunday, 29 March 2015

Apple iPhone 7, HTC One M9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Apple Watch, Amazon Fire TV


Galaxy S6

We've been particularly excited about the Apple Watch this week, with Cupertino's wearable hitting the shops in April, but there’s been loads of other great stories during the past week as well. So make a brew, sit back and join us as we catch up on all the biggest gadgets of the past seven days.

All go in the smartphone world

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is arguably the best smartphone we've ever seen, but it's still not perfect. The lack of microSD could be enough to put some people off, although it looks like a solution could be on the way in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, which could boast removeable storage. Is that enough to make you wait?

If you do decide to hang on though, it's Samsung's future phones that could really shake things up, with rumours of a folding blower on the way. We're certainly excited - it could be the latter-day reinvention of the much-loved flip phone!

The Samsung Galaxy S6 also made the news for offering the ability uninstall bloatwear, and that'll certainly appeal to lots of owners. Ditching the apps you don't use will result in a faster, smoother OS, and you'll also have more storage space to play with - sounds good to us.

htc one e9

Not to be outdone by Samsung, HTC hit the headlines with the shiny new HTC One E9, which showed off a snazzy design in leaked snaps. The One M9 Plus is set to be unveiled next month, too.

Apple was once again in the headlines this week with its iPhone 7, and this time we could see a camera that features a DSLR-like zoom lens. The iPhone 6's camera is already pretty good, but we certainly wouldn't turn our noses up at an optical zoom, and it can only make an already impressive smartphone even better.

The best wearables

hannspree smartwatch

With the Apple Watch set to touch down next month, developers have been working on apps and ways to take full advantage of Apple's wearable, and there's a Philips Hue Apple Watch app on the way. So get ready for lightbulbs can can be controlled by tapping your wrist!

We're used to seeing smartwatches come with hefty prices, but that's not the way it needs to be. Hannspree showed exactly that this week, with a smartwatch that comes in at just £30, yet still promises to deliver notifications and more straight from your smartphone.

We were also happy to see Google Glass pop up again, with the chief of Google - Eric Schmidt - pointing out that the innovative headwear will make a return at some point in the future. With battery and other tech getting better every day, you can bet it'll be more stylish and more capable the next time around, too.

A good week for tele addicts

Nexus Player

Apple TV has had a tough time of it recently, with other cheaper devices like Google's Chromecast enjoying the limelight. Not one to sit back and give up, Apple is set to unleash a new Apple TV in June, and you can expect to see it offer third-party apps and Siri integration. Siri, find us something good to watch!

If it's cheap you want though, TV and movies on demand won't get much more affordable than the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which is set hit the UK costing just £7 for new Amazon Prime customers. If you've already got Amazon Prime, it'll cost you £19 - still a decent saving on the usual £35 price tag.

There's also the Google Nexus Player, which is set to go head-to-head with the Apple TV, and you can now get your hands on one for £80.

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