Sunday, 15 March 2015

Apple MacBook, Apple Watch, HTC One E9, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, LG G4

Gold MacBook


This week started off with a bang, with Apple unleashing a brand new MacBook and the Apple Watch, and since then we've seen loads of fantastic gadgets. Now we're heading into the weekend, it's time to sit back and catch up on all the stories you may have missed, and make sure you're up to date with all the most exciting news.  
All things Apple
apple watch force touch
The week started off with some particularly exciting Apple gadgets, not least the brand new 12-inch Apple MacBook. Thinner, lighter and more desirable than the Air, and with a Pro-rivaling Retina display, could this be one of the best MacBooks yet? You'll have to ignore the almost complete lack of ports if you do want one, and it's definitely not the most powerful laptop out there, but we still can't help but want one...  
The same goes for the Apple Watch, which was finally given a price and launch date - you'll be able to get your hands on one on April 24. We're not convinced it'll be the ultimate wearable, but it's definitely one to add to the wish-list.  
If like us, the claims on battery life for the Watch aren't enough to impress you, this handy strap that doubles as a charger could be the ideal solution, but you'll need deep pockets - it's £166.  
It's not all good news for Apple fans this week, and the company also hit the headlines when designer Jony Ive spoke out about battery life, pointing out that whatever your complaints, you simply dom't need a bigger battery in your iPhone. With the thought that larger batteries would compromise the beauty and design, it looks like future iPhones will also place aesthetics ahead of function.  
All the latest smartphone news
lg g4 render
It's also been a great week for smartphone fans, with loads of blowers hitting the headlines. We saw the first brand new Vaio smartphone for starters, although it didn't quite manage to meet our high expectations.  
The LG G4 Note phablet also popped up this week, going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and we saw leaks of the LG G4 smartphone too. Could this be the best smartphone to land during 2015?  
Not if HTC has anything to do with it, and hot on the heels of the HTC One M9, we saw news of the HTC One E9, which could manage to cram in a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen, an octa-core processor and a 20-megapixel camera. We already love the One M9, but this has all the potential to beat anything on the market, especially if it comes with the same great build quality.  
There was some sad news too though, with the Google Nexus 5 finally bowing out. It was an impressive handset, and with the Nexus 6 going upmarket, it could be the last truly affordable Nexus smartphone we get to see.  
We can't blame Google for wanting a piece of the high-end action though, and Samsung is also bringing out the big guns with the new Galaxy S6 Active, which could add waterproofing and shock resistance to the mix.  
And in other news...
google chromebook pixel 2015
Fancy a cheaper MacBook rival? The Chromebook Pixel could well be up your street, coming in at £799 and impressive build quality. Other innovative gadgets this week included the Dyson V6 Fluffy and V6 Absolute, and we loved the Podo - a gadget that promises to banish selfie sticks to the cupboard, never to be used again!

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