Friday, 15 May 2015

Simply Good Food TV now available in the apple and android app store.

Simply Good Food TV is the world first dedicated mobile app food TV channel. The very best of food TV programs from all over the world all in one place in just a few clicks.  Imagine all your favourite chefs and recipes with a few simple clicks, from simple how to instructions, great food ideas to some of the best factual cooking programmes from all over the world.
So if you are baking bakes with Mich Turner or chilling out with Jamie Oliver in Italy the Simply Good Food TV app will have it all for you.
The app has been design not just to look good but is very easy to use with a simple search function and easy navigation.   There are thousands of hours of great cooking programs with a section on baking, what’s cooking and how to,  from how to fry an egg to roasting a succulent chicken.
The app will be updated monthly with hundreds of new video and the most exciting part is we will be making brand new exclusive videos with exciting new programs like

Some of the great chefs who will be making new shows are:


·         Mich Turner

·         Peter Sidwell

·         Jon Fell

·         Theo Michaels

·         Nikki Walsh and more.

To find the app go to the app store and search for Simply Good Food TV or have a look at our website.

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